• Continued evolution of our products to meet the needs of today’s consumers
  • 1970’s – Designed plastic connector joints for RTA compact packaging
  • 1980’s – Developed new generation of hampers with easy to carry removable bags
  • 1990’s – Extended product line to include designer based home organizers such as Pop-Up Hampers and a complete assortment of American aromatic cedar products
  • 2000’s – Martha Stewart chose Pro-Mart for her Laundry Care program at Kmart. Introduced and executed an extensive offering of exclusive home storage products in the alternative storage category at Target
  • A full line of dependable vacuum compression space saving bags under the smartbags brand was introduced to the marketplace with exclusive new features
  • 2010 - Pro-Mart launched the next generation of closet organizers with the introduction of the Smart Carousel Line making use of all 360� to store garments shoes and accessories
  • Our commitment to innovation enables Pro-Mart Industries to maintain its leadership and continue to provide creative home organization products to retailers worldwide

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